~ Original writing ~

The Treasure of Piratoforte

North of Evera - the small town where most humans of the island live - lies the biggest ship ever built: the Piratoforte. Like an abandoned old castle, it looms over the town, its contents unbeknownst to outsiders. Most say the wreckage is but a pile of would-be-firewood, others regard it as a piece of history to be cherished. Still, there are tall-tales saying not all treasures have been found inside the ship, and that the most valuable ones were hidden far within the island by the captain itself.
And like any with tale, it's secret lies within the author.

Written by: Mel Syreth

Status: Complete

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The Terror of Belleport

The island's capital, Belleport, home to the vampiric aristocracy has been restless lately. A strange being lurks down the cobblestone streets, feeding on the blood of the local kine in broad moonlight. No clues, no traces, just some strange circle-shaped mark on the neck. As tensions escalate and patience runs low, trust between the vampire folk gets more and more strained with each incident. In desperation to bring the lawbreaker to justice, the mayor of Belleport has ordered the resident scholars and alchemists to investigate the source... and somebody else.

Written by: Mel Syreth

Status: In planning