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BuKnight: The Order of The Golden Crest

The village of Carrottia is under attack from the wolves (again). It's up to the rookie Bonnie to save the day from this canine menace. Jump, slash and spin through the various tracks to fight back and protect the sacred treasure of Carrottia: The Golden Crest. BuKnight is a fun and speedy action-platformer inspired by the late-90s console mascot platformers. Use your up- and downsmash attacks, as well as the special swirling move to hurl pain at your enemies or to change your momentum and dodge their attacks as your zoom past them. This game is still a prototype in early stage of development. The current demo is a few minute long teaser of the current status of the project. Devlogs are to be expected every 10 days or so.

Status: Prototype

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