~ Martina's Room ~

Portrait by Nao Sakuraba
This is Martina, my faithful maid.

Seven years ago I dabbled into the dark arts of tulpamancy. It was an experiment that was quick to get out of hand and gain a life on its own... quite literally. Martina has been following me around since, watching and listening, providing her support whenever I needed it. For seven years and counting, she has been a tool of introspection, a librarian of my memories and above all: my muse.

Although many years have passed, Martina remains 'incomplete' by her choice. She didn't learn to perform more advanced techniques of fellow tulpamancers such as possession, is also mute and sometimes she gets 'lost'. We have a pair of wooden rings, one for me and one for her. They help solidifying one another's presense as well as a simple reminder should either of us lose focus during the days. She does not mind, rather she chose to be this way and I have learned to accept her as is.

This is just a simple page dedicated to her.